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About this online submission form

To make an online submission, select the ‘START YOUR SUBMISSION’ button below.

The online submission form contains all the consultation questions from the Preliminary Issues Paper. You can answer one, some, or all of the consultation questions.

The online submission form is broken into sections. Each section contains the relevant information from the Summary. If you want to read our full analysis, you can read the Preliminary Issues Paper at any time by selecting the link at the side of the page.

Remember to select ‘SAVE YOUR ANSWERS’ when you complete each section. You can go back and edit your answers to each section by selecting the relevant link at the side of the page.

At the end of the online submission form, you will be able to review all your answers.

We will also ask for some information about you which would be helpful for us. You do not have to provide this information.

You will be able to request that we do not publish your name or any other identifying information in your submission. If you request this, we will not publish your name or any other information that we think might identify you or others on our website or in our publications.

Please note that you need cookies enabled to complete the online submission form. The form uses cookies to save your answers as you go from one section to another section.