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(Chapters 6 to 8)

Chapters overview

Chapter 6 – The purpose of a new Act

In this chapter, we: 

  • Discuss the need to review the current purpose of the PPPR Act and clarify its focus.  
  • Propose that the purpose of a new Act must be closely informed by human rights, including concepts of rights, will and preferences and dignity. Safeguarding people from significant harm is also consistent with their rights and dignity.  
Chapter 7 – Decision-making capacity

In this chapter, we: 

  • Provide an overview of decision-making capacity. We explain what we mean by decision-making capacity and summarise how the PPPR Act uses the concept. 
  • Explain why we consider that a new Act should continue to use decision-making capacity.  
  • Discuss improvements that we think should be made to how decision-making capacity is defined and how it is assessed.  
Chapter 8 – Decision-making support

In this chapter, we focus on decision-making support. The termdecision-making support’ refers to any support or accommodations a person may need to make a decision or express their views about a decision. It is a very broad term that can cover both informal and formal support arrangements of varying types and intensity. For people with affected decision-making, support can be a particularly important part of making decisions.  

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