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Preliminary Issues Paper

We published our [Preliminary Issues Paper] in November 2022. This provided information about current law and practice, and asked some questions about people’s experiences and views on some key issues. It did not go into detail about the current law or consider every issue or area of law.

Consultation on the Preliminary Issues Paper closed on 3 March 2023. The feedback we received on the Preliminary Issues Paper helped us develop our [Second Issues Paper]. The Second Issues Paper looks at the current law in much more detail and proposes options for reform.

You can select the links in this section to read the Preliminary Issues Paper or our shorter Summary document. You do not need to read the Preliminary Issues Paper before you read or give feedback on our Second Issues Paper.

Read the Preliminary Issues Paper (PIP)

Read the Summary

Blind Citizens NZ is coordinating the availability of Large Print, Braille and Audio copies of the Summary. You can contact Blind Citizens NZ directly via email: admin@abcnz.org.nz, phone: 04-389-0033 or freephone: 0800-222-694